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Sirince Village

Sirince Village

Sirince Village: There are few places in Turkey that can equal the sheer natural beauty of the Sirince village. Sirince is renowned for its amazing location, and is situated at the top of a mountain. The village is surrounded by wine yards on all sides, and they are interspersed with peach trees. During spring, the view from this village is simply breathtaking.

There is an interesting story behind the name of this village. The original inhabitants of the village had named the village as Cirkince which means ugly in Turkish. The reasons for this are not clear, but most believed it was done to keep visitors away. Eventually when the village did become a popular tourist destination, the tourists started calling it Sirince instead, which means Pretty in Turkish. And thus the most beautiful village in Turkey finally got a name that did justice to its beauty. 

The village has a mixed architecture and both Greek and Turkish influences are very apparent in them. Visitors can also enter some of the more artistic homes in the village as they are now a tourist spot.

The streets of the Sirince village are packed with local women selling all kinds of goods. It has a few cafes and the village is reputed for its delicious wines. The village has developed beautifully and has come to accept tourists. It welcomes them and lets them enjoy the old world charm that is the essence of the village.